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Graphical plans

The graphical plan feature in Interactive SQL displays the execution plan for a query. It is useful for diagnosing performance issues with specific queries. For example, the information in the plan can help you decide where to add an index to your database. You can save the graphical plan for a query for future reference by choosing File > Save Plan in Interactive SQL. SQL Anywhere graphical plans are saved with the extension .saplan.


Graphical plans are also available via Application Profiling mode in Sybase Central. For more information about the Application Profiling features of Sybase Central, see Application profiling.

The graphical plan provides a great deal more information than the short or long plans. You can choose to see the graphical plan either with or without statistics. Both allow you to view quickly which parts of the plan have been estimated as the most expensive. The graphical plan with statistics, though more expensive to view, also provides the actual query execution statistics as monitored by the database server when the query is executed, and permits direct comparison between the estimates used by the optimizer in constructing the access plan with the actual statistics monitored during execution. Note, however, that the optimizer is often unable to precisely estimate a query's cost, so expect there to be differences. The graphical plan is the default format for access plans.

You can obtain detailed information about the nodes in the plan by clicking the node in the graphical diagram. The graphical plan with statistics shows you all the estimates that are provided with the graphical plan, but also shows actual runtime costs of executing the statement. To do this, the statement must actually be executed. This means that there may be a delay in accessing the plan for expensive queries. It also means that any parts of your query such as deletes or updates are actually executed, although you can perform a rollback to undo these changes.

Use the graphical plan with statistics when you are having performance problems, and the estimated row count or run time differs from your expectations. The graphical plan with statistics provides estimates and actual statistics for you to compare. A large difference between actual and estimate is a warning sign that the optimizer might not have sufficient information to prepare correct estimates.

Following are some of the key statistics you can check in the graphical plan with statistics, and some possible remedies:

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