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Returning multiple result sets from procedures

Before Interactive SQL can return multiple result sets, you need to enable this option on the Results tab of the Options dialog. By default, this option is disabled. If you change the setting, it takes effect in newly created connections (such as new windows).

To enable multiple result set functionality
  1. In Interactive SQL, choose Tools > Options.

  2. In the resulting Options dialog, click the Results area.

  3. Select the Show Multiple Result Sets checkbox.

After you enable this option, a procedure can return more than one result set to the calling environment. If a RESULT clause is employed, the result sets must be compatible: they must have the same number of items in the SELECT lists, and the data types must all be of types that can be automatically converted to the data types listed in the RESULT list.


The following procedure lists the names of all employees, customers, and contacts listed in the database:

RESULT ( Surname CHAR(36), GivenName CHAR(36) )
   SELECT Surname, GivenName
   FROM Employees;
   SELECT Surname, GivenName
   FROM Customers;
   SELECT Surname, GivenName
   FROM Contacts;

To test this procedure and view multiple result sets in Interactive SQL, enter the following statement in the SQL Statements pane:

CALL ListPeople ();