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Upgrading SQL Anywhere

Before using existing applications with this version of the software, be sure to review the list of behavior changes to determine whether your application is affected. See SQL Anywhere® 10 - Changes and Upgrading.


Adaptive Server Anywhere has been renamed SQL Anywhere. In this chapter, SQL Anywhere is used to refer to all versions.

Upgrading version 10.0.0 databases

If you are upgrading from version 10.0.0, you can either use the Upgrade utility or rebuild your database. See Upgrading version 10.0.0 databases, and Rebuilding version 10.0.0 databases.

Databases with materialized views

It is recommended that you refresh the materialized views in your database after upgrading your database server, or after rebuilding or upgrading your database to work with an upgraded database server. See Refreshing materialized views.

Upgrading version 9 and earlier databases

If you are upgrading to SQL Anywhere version 10.0.1 from version 9 or earlier, you must rebuild the database, which consists of unloading the old database, and reloading it into a new version 10 database. Attempting to load version 9 or earlier databases results in an error on database startup. There are three approaches for rebuilding existing databases:

Rebuilding Mac OS X databases

You must use SQL Anywhere 9.0.2 or earlier software to unload a version 9.0.2 or earlier database on Mac OS X. If you want to unload a Mac OS X database using SQL Anywhere 10 software, you must unload the database on a different platform. The reload can be performed on Mac OS X using the version 10 software.

If you want to change the characteristics of the database during unload and reload (for example, change a case-sensitive database to a case-insensitive database), the procedure is more involved. For more information, see Rebuilding databases.

Compatibility with existing software

If you are connecting to a version 10.0.0 or later database with a version 9 client application such as Sybase Central or Interactive SQL, the connections use the iAnywhere JDBC driver by default, rather than jConnect. The iAnywhere JDBC driver is the recommended JDBC driver for connecting to SQL Anywhere databases.

Using the utilities
Upgrade quick start
Important upgrade precautions
Upgrading version 10.0.0 databases
Rebuilding version 10.0.0 databases
Upgrading SQL Anywhere software and databases in a database mirroring system
Rebuilding version 9 and earlier databases for version 10.0.0