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SQL Anywhere 10.0.1 » UltraLite - AppForge Programming » UltraLite for AppForge API Reference » ULSyncParms class

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The following are properties of ULSyncParms:



CheckpointStore As Boolean

If true, adds checkpoints of the database during synchronization to limit database growth during the synchronization process. This is most useful for large downloads with many updates.

See Checkpoint Store synchronization parameter.

DownloadOnly As Boolean

Indicates if a synchronization only downloads data.

See Download Only synchronization parameter.

KeepPartialDownload As Boolean

If the synchronization fails during download because of a communications error, apply those changes that were successfully downloaded, rather than rolling back all the changes.

See Keep Partial Download synchronization parameter.

NewPassword As String

Change a user password to this new password string on the next synchronization.

See New Password synchronization parameter.

Password As String

The password corresponding to a given user name.

See Password synchronization parameter.

PingOnly As Boolean

If true, check the server for liveness, but do not synchronize data.

See Ping synchronization parameter.

PublicationMask As Long

Specify the publications to synchronize. The default is to synchronize all data.

See Publication synchronization parameter.

ResumePartialDownload As Boolean

Resume a synchronization that failed during download because of a communications error, applying only those changes that were scheduled to be downloaded in the failed synchronization.

See Resume Partial Download synchronization parameter.

SendColumnNames As Boolean

If SendColumnNames is true, column names are sent to the MobiLink server.

See Send Column Names synchronization parameter.

SendDownloadAck As Boolean

If SendDownloadAck is true, a download acknowledgement is sent during synchronization.

See Send Download Acknowledgment synchronization parameter.

Stream As ULStreamType constants

Set the type of stream to use during synchronization.

See Stream Type synchronization parameter.

StreamParms As String

Set network protocol options for the given stream type.

See Stream Parameters synchronization parameter and Network protocol options for UltraLite synchronization streams.

TableOrder As String

Specify Table synchronization order.

See Table Order synchronization parameter

UploadOnly As Boolean

Indicates whether a synchronization only uploads data.

See Upload Only synchronization parameter.

UserName As String

The MobiLink user name for synchronization.

See User Name synchronization parameter.

Version As String

The synchronization script version to run.

See Version synchronization parameter.


The following example sets synchronization parameters for an UltraLite for MobileVB application.

With Connection.SyncParms
    .UserName = "afsample"
    .Stream = ULStreamType.ulTCPIP
    .Version = "ul_default"
End With