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AppendByteChunk method

Appends bytes to the row's column if the type is ulTypeLongBinary or TypeBinary.


AppendByteChunk( _
data As Long, _
data_len As Long _
Member of UltraLiteAFLib.ULColumn


data    In MobileVB, a pointer to an array of Bytes. To get the pointer to the array of bytes, use the Visual Basic VarPtr() function. In Crossfire, a local variable that is an array of Bytes.

data_len    The number of bytes from the array to append.

Errors set

ulSQLE_INVALID_PARAMETER    This error occurs if data length is less than 0.

ulSQLE_CONVERSION_ERROR    This error occurs if the column data type is not LONG BINARY.


The following examples append data to the edata column.

'MobileVB using VB6
Dim data (1 to 512) As Byte
' ...
table.Column("edata").AppendByteChunk( _
                  VarPtr(data(1)), 232)
'Crossfire using
Dim data (1 to 512) As Byte
' ...
table.Column("edata").AppendByteChunk(data, 232)