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SetByteChunk method

Sets data in a TypeBinary or TypeLongBinary column.


SetByteChunk ( _
data As Long, _
length As Long _
Member of UltraLiteAFLib.ULColumn


data    In MobileVB, a pointer to an array of Bytes. To get the pointer to the array of bytes, use the Visual Basic VarPtr() function. In Crossfire, a local variable that is an array of Bytes.

length    The length of the array.

Errors set

ulSQLE_CONVERSION_ERROR    This error occurs if the column data type is not BINARY or LONG BINARY.

ulSQLE_INVALID_PARAMETER    This error occurs if the data length is less than 0 or greater than 64K.

See also

In the following example, edata is a column name and the first 232 bytes of the data variable are stored in the database.

'MobileVB using VB6
Dim data (1 to 512) As Byte
' ...
table.Column("edata").SetByteChunk( VarPtr(data(1)), 232)
'Crossfire using
Dim data (1 to 512) As Byte
' ...
table.Column("edata").SetByteChunk( data, 232)