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SQL Anywhere 10.0.1 » UltraLite - M-Business Anywhere Programming » Tutorial: A Sample Application for M-Business Anywhere

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Lesson 3: Set up the M-Business Anywhere Server and Client

In this lesson you create an M-Business Anywhere user, group, and channel for your application. This information is for M-Business Anywhere 6.0.

Configure M-Business Anywhere
  1. Open the M-Business Anywhere administration console and login as the admin user.

    The default user ID is Admin, with an empty password.

  2. Create a new user:

    Later in this tutorial, you will use the user name and password you create in this step to synchronize from an M-Business client. If you already have an M-Business client set up for this server, you may want to use a user name that already exists.

    1. Click the Users menu option in the left navigation panel and then click the Create User link. The Create New User page appears.

    2. Enter a User Name and enter the same password in the Password and Confirm Password fields. The other fields are optional. Click Create.

  3. Create a group and a channel:

    1. Click the Groups heading and click New Group.

    2. Name the new group UltraLite Samples and click Create and Edit.

    3. Under the Web tab, click New Group Channel.

    4. Use the following settings for the channel. Make sure to substitute the correct URL for your web server:

      • Title  UltraLite Tutorial

      • Location  http://localhost:8091/tutorial/main.html.

        The location is the URL of the tutorial main.html page, as served by your web server.

      • Channel Size Limit  1000 KB

      • Link Depth  3

      • Allow Binary Distribution  Yes (checked).

      • Hidden  No (unchecked)

  4. Add the user to the group:

    1. Click the Users heading and find the user you created in step 2.

    2. Click the User Name to show the user's properties.

    3. Click Add/Remove Groups.

    4. Check the _UltraLite Samples_ group and click Update to add the user to this group.

The user, group, and channel are now set up on M-Business Anywhere. The next step is to synchronize the content of this channel to an M-Business client. You can do this from whichever platform you want to use.

The next procedure assumes that you have an M-Business client installed. It is recommended that you click Tools > Options and set the client options to Show JavaScript Errors. This setting allows easier debugging of any errors in your application.

Synchronize the channel for your device