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BeginTransaction(IsolationLevel) method

Returns a transaction object with the specified isolation level. Commands associated with a transaction object are executed as a single transaction. The transaction is terminated with ULTransaction.Commit or ULTransaction.Rollback.


Visual Basic

Public Function BeginTransaction( _
ByVal isolationLevel As IsolationLevel _
) As ULTransaction


public ULTransaction BeginTransaction(
IsolationLevel isolationLevel

Return value

A ULTransaction object representing the new transaction.


To associate a command with a transaction object, use the ULCommand.Transaction property. The current transaction is automatically associated to commands created by ULConnection.CreateCommand.

By default, the connection does not use transactions and all commands are automatically committed as they are executed. Once the current transaction is committed or rolled back, the connection reverts to auto commit mode until the next call to BeginTransaction.

This is the strongly-typed version of System.Data.IDbConnection.BeginTransaction(System.Data.IsolationLevel) and System.Data.Common.DbConnection.BeginTransaction(System.Data.IsolationLevel).

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