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InfoMessage event

Occurs when UltraLite.NET sends a warning or an informational message on this connection.


Visual Basic

Public Event InfoMessage As ULInfoMessageEventHandler


public event ULInfoMessageEventHandler InfoMessage ;


To process UltraLite.NET warnings or informational messages, you must create a ULInfoMessageEventHandler delegate and attach it to this event.


The following code defines an informational message event handler.

' Visual Basic
Private Sub MyInfoMessageHandler( _
      obj As Object, args As ULInfoMessageEventArgs _
  System.Console.WriteLine( _
      "InfoMesageHandler: " + args.NativeError + ", " _
      + args.Message _
End Sub

// C#
private void MyInfoMessageHandler(
      object obj, ULInfoMessageEventArgs args
      "InfoMesageHandler: " + args.NativeError + ", "
      + args.Message

The following code adds the MyInfoMessageHandler to the connection named conn.

' Visual Basic
AddHandler conn.InfoMessage, AddressOf MyInfoMessageHandler

// C#
conn.InfoMessage +=
  new ULInfoMessageEventHandler(MyInfoMessageHandler);
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