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ULConnection(String) constructor

Initializes a ULConnection object with the specified connection string. The connection must be opened before you can perform any operations against the database.


Visual Basic

Public Sub New( _
ByVal connectionString As String _


public ULConnection(
string connectionString


To use the UltraLite Engine runtime of UltraLite.NET, set ULDatabaseManager.RuntimeType to the appropriate value before using any other UltraLite.NET API.

The connection string can be supplied using a ULConnectionParms object.


The following code creates and opens a connection to the existing database \UltraLite\MyDatabase.udb on a Windows CE device.

' Visual Basic
Dim openParms As ULConnectionParms = New ULConnectionParms
openParms.DatabaseOnCE = "\UltraLite\MyDatabase.udb"
Dim conn As ULConnection = _
  New ULConnection( openParms.ToString() )

// C#
ULConnectionParms openParms = new ULConnectionParms();
openParms.DatabaseOnCE = @"\UltraLite\MyDatabase.udb";
ULConnection conn = new ULConnection( openParms.ToString() );
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