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ULConnection class

Represents a connection to an UltraLite.NET database. This class cannot be inherited.


Visual Basic

Public NotInheritable Class ULConnection
Inherits DbConnection


public sealed class ULConnection : DbConnection


To use the UltraLite Engine runtime of UltraLite.NET, set ULDatabaseManager.RuntimeType to the appropriate value before using any other UltraLite.NET API.

A connection to an existing database is opened using the ULConnection.Open.

You must open a connection before carrying out any other operation, and you must close the connection after you have finished all operations on the connection and before your application terminates. In addition, you must close all result sets and tables opened on a connection before closing the connection.

The schema of the database can be accessed using an open connection's ULConnection.Schema.

Implements: System.Data.IDbConnection, System.IDisposable

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