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SQL Anywhere 10.0.1 » UltraLite - .NET Programming » UltraLite .NET 2.0 API Reference » ULConnectionStringBuilder class

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ULConnectionStringBuilder members

Public constructors
Member nameDescription

ULConnectionStringBuilder constructors

Initializes a new instance of the ULConnectionStringBuilder class.

Public properties
Member nameDescription

[external link] BrowsableConnectionString (inherited from DbConnectionStringBuilder)

CacheSize property

UL Ext.: Specifies the size of the cache.

ConnectionName property

Specifies a name for the connection. This is only needed if you create more than one connection to the database.

[external link] ConnectionString (inherited from DbConnectionStringBuilder)

[external link] Count (inherited from DbConnectionStringBuilder)

DatabaseKey property

Specifies a key for encrypting the database.

DatabaseName property

Specifies a name for the database or the name of a loaded database to which a connection needs to be made.

DatabaseOnCE property

UL Ext.: Specifies the path and file name of the UltraLite database on Windows CE.

DatabaseOnDesktop property

UL Ext.: Specifies the path and file name of the UltraLite database on Windows desktop platforms.

[external link] IsFixedSize (inherited from DbConnectionStringBuilder)

[external link] IsReadOnly (inherited from DbConnectionStringBuilder)

Item property

Specifies the value of the specified connection keyword.

[external link] Keys (inherited from DbConnectionStringBuilder)

OrderedTableScans property

Specifies whether SQL queries without ORDER BY clauses should perform ordered table scans by default.

Password property

Specifies the password for the authenticated user.

ReserveSize property

UL Ext.: Specifies the reserve file system space for storage of UltraLite persistent data.

StartLine property

Specifies the location and then starts the UltraLite engine.

UserID property

Specifies an authenticated user for the database.

[external link] Values (inherited from DbConnectionStringBuilder)

Public methods
Member nameDescription

[external link] Add (inherited from DbConnectionStringBuilder)

[external link] Clear (inherited from DbConnectionStringBuilder)

ContainsKey method

Determines whether the ULConnectionStringBuilder object contains a specific keyword.

EquivalentTo method

Compares the connection information in this ULConnectionStringBuilder object with the connection information in the supplied DbConnectionStringBuilder object.

GetShortName method

Retrieves the short version of the supplied keyword.

Remove method

Removes the entry with the specified key from the ULConnectionStringBuilder instance.

[external link] ShouldSerialize (inherited from DbConnectionStringBuilder)

[external link] ToString (inherited from DbConnectionStringBuilder)

TryGetValue method

Retrieves a value corresponding to the supplied key from this ULConnectionStringBuilder.

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