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Fill method

Adds or refreshes the specified range of rows into the named System.Data.DataTable of the specified System.Data.DataSet. The System.Data.DataTable named is created and added to the System.Data.DataSet if neccessary.


Visual Basic

Overloads Public Function Fill( _
ByVal dataSet As DataSet, _
ByVal startRecord As Integer, _
ByVal maxRecords As Integer, _
ByVal srcTable As String _
) As Integer


public int Fill(
DataSet dataSet,
int startRecord,
int maxRecords,
string srcTable

Return value

The number of rows successfully added or refreshed in the System.Data.DataSet.


Even if you use the startRecord argument to limit the number of records that are copied to the System.Data.DataSet, all records in the ULDataAdapter query are fetched from the database to the client. For large result sets, this can have a significant performance impact. An alternative is to use an ULDataReader when a read-only result set is sufficient, perhaps with SQL statements (ExecuteNonQuery) to carry out modifications. Another alternative is to use a ULTable that allows read-write access to the database.

If ULDataAdapter.SelectCommand does not return any rows, no tables are added to the System.Data.DataSet and no exception is raised.

For more information, see [external link] IDataAdapter.Fill.

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