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SetServerSyncListener method

Specifies the listener object used to process the specified server synchronization message.


Visual Basic

Public Sub SetServerSyncListener( _
ByVal messageName As String, _
ByVal appClassName As String, _
ByVal listener As ULServerSyncListener _


public void SetServerSyncListener(
string messageName,
string appClassName,
ULServerSyncListener listener


The parameter appClassName is the unique identifier used to identify the application. The application may only use one appClassName at a time. While a listener is registered with a particular appClassName, calls to SetServerSyncListener or SetActiveSyncListener with a different appClassName fail.

To remove the listener for a particular message, call SetServerSyncListener with a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) as the listener parameter.

To remove all listeners, call SetServerSyncListener with a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) for all parameters.

Applications should remove all listeners before exiting.


For an example of SetServerSyncListener, see the ServerSyncInvoked method.

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