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ULPublicationSchema class

UL Ext.: Represents the schema of an UltraLite publication. This class cannot be inherited.


Visual Basic

Public NotInheritable Class ULPublicationSchema


public sealed class ULPublicationSchema


There is no constructor for this class. Publication schemas are created using the ULDatabaseSchema.GetPublicationSchema method of the ULDatabaseSchema class.

UltraLite methods requiring a publication mask actually require a set of publications to check. A set is formed by or'ing the publication masks of individual publications. For example:

' Visual Basic
Dim mask As Integer = pub1.Mask Or pub2.Mask

// C#
int mask = pub1.Mask | pub2.Mask;

Two special mask values are also provided by this class. ULPublicationSchema.SYNC_ALL_DB corresponds to the entire database. ULPublicationSchema.SYNC_ALL_PUBS corresponds to all publications.

Note: Publication masks may change during a schema upgrade. To correctly identify a publication, access it by name or refresh the cached masks after a schema upgrade.

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