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AppendBytes method

Appends the specified subset of the specified array of System.Bytes to the new value for the specified ULDbType.LongBinary column.


Visual Basic

Public Sub AppendBytes( _
ByVal columnID As Integer, _
ByVal val As Byte(), _
ByVal srcOffset As Integer, _
ByVal count As Integer _


public void AppendBytes(
int columnID,
byte[] val,
int srcOffset,
int count


The bytes at position srcOffset (starting from 0) through srcOffset+count-1 of the array val are appended to the value for the specified column.

When inserting, ULTable.InsertBegin initializes the new value to the column's default value. The data in the row is not actually changed until you execute an ULTable.Insert, and that change is not made permanent until it is committed.

When updating, the first append on a column clears the current value prior to appending the new value.

If any of the following are true, a ULException with code ULSQLCode.SQLE_INVALID_PARAMETER is thrown and the destination is not modified:

For other errors, a ULException with the appropriate error code is thrown.

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