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UltraLite CACHE_SIZE connection parameter

Defines the size of the database cache.


CACHE_SIZE=number{ k | m | g }


Varies according to the platform you are connecting to:


If the cache size is not specified, or you set the size to 0, the default size is used. The default cache size is conservative. This conservative value is extremely important for platforms that have limits to dynamic memory (like early versions of Palm OS). However, if your testing shows the need for better performance, you should increase the cache size.

You can specify the size in units of bytes. Use the suffix k or K to indicate units of kilobytes, the suffix m or M to indicate megabytes, and the suffix g or G to indicate gigabytes. If you do not specify a unit, bytes are assumed by default.

If you exceed the maximum cache size, it is automatically replaced with your platform's upper cache size limit. For example, on Symbian OS, the maximum cache size is 2 MB. Increasing the cache size beyond the size of the database, however, does not provide any performance improvement.

A large cache size can interfere with the number of other applications you can use.

Any leading or trailing spaces in parameter values are ignored. This connection parameter's value cannot include leading single quotes('), leading double quotes ("), or semi-colons(;).

See also

The following connection string fragment sets the cache size to 128 KB.