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List of UltraLite database connection parameters

Some of the connection parameters you configure overlap with properties you define at creation time. At creation time, you typically are defining the property required. At connection time, you must supply the value that was configured at creation time. It is important that you understand the differences and commonalities of these shared settings so you know what is expected and when.

Parameter nameDescription


Defines the size of the database cache. See UltraLite CACHE_SIZE connection parameter.


Specifies a name of the current connection. See UltraLite CON connection parameter.


At creation-time these parameters set the location of the database. For subsequent connections, they tell UltraLite where to find the file.

You can use DBF if you are creating a single-platform application or are connecting to an UltraLite administration tool. Use the other platform-specific versions if you are programming an UltraLite client that connects to different platform-specific databases. See:


AppForge development only. Sets the correct UltraLite creator ID so that creator ID is used, rather than the AppForge creator ID. Use this with the PALM_FILE parameter. See UltraLite PALM_DB connection parameter


Identifies a running database by name rather than file name. See UltraLite DBN connection parameter.


At creation-time, this parameter sets the encryption key to use. For subsequent connections, names and then passes the same encryption key for the database. If the incorrect key is named, the connection fails. See UltraLite DBKEY connection parameter.


Controls backup behavior over HotSync on Palm devices. See UltraLite PALM_ALLOW_BACKUP connection parameter .


At creation-time, sets the initial password for a user. For subsequent connections, supplies the password for the user ID. See UltraLite PWD connection parameter.


Pre-allocates the file system space required for your UltraLite database without actually inserting any data. See UltraLite RESERVE_SIZE connection parameter.


Specifies the location of the UltraLite engine executable and then starts it. See UltraLite START connection parameter.


At creation-time, sets the initial user ID. For subsequent connections, identifies a user to the database. The user ID must be one of up to four user IDs stored in the UltraLite database. See UltraLite UID connection parameter.

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