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UltraLite NT_FILE connection parameter

Performs two different functions:

Applies to

An UltraLite client application that connects to a desktop database in addition to another platform using the same connection string.

Alternate parameters

If you are connecting from an UltraLite administration tool, or your connection object only connects to a desktop database, use DBF.




The default depends on what you set:


Always explicitly specify the parameter; do not rely on default behavior.


This parameter takes precedence over the DBF parameter.

The value of NT_FILE must meet the file name requirements for Windows desktop platforms.

The path can be absolute or relative. If you include a directory as part of the file name, then all directories must exist before setting the path to this file. UltraLite does not create them automatically.

Any leading or trailing spaces in parameter values are ignored. This connection parameter's value cannot include leading single quotes('), leading double quotes ("), or semi-colons(;).

See also

The following example creates a new connection and identifies different database files for the desktop, Palm OS, and Windows CE platforms:

Connection = DatabaseMgr.OpenConnection("UID=JDoe;PWD=ULdb;