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UltraLite CREATE PUBLICATION statement

Creates a publication.


CREATE PUBLICATION publication-name
(TABLE table-name [ WHERE search-condition ], ... )


WHERE clause    If a WHERE clause is specified, only rows satisfying search-condition are considered for upload from the associated table during synchronization. See Search conditions in UltraLite.

If you do not specify a WHERE clause, every row in the table that has changed in UltraLite since the last synchronization is considered for upload.


A publication establishes tables that are synchronized during a single synchronization operation. They determine which data is uploaded to the MobiLink server. The MobiLink server may send back rows for these (and only these) tables during its download session. Rows that are downloaded do not have to satisfy the WHERE clause for a table.

Only entire tables can be published. You cannot publish specific columns of a table in UltraLite.

Side effects
See also

The following statement publishes all the columns and rows of two tables.

   TABLE contact,
   TABLE company

The following statement publishes only the active customer rows by including a WHERE clause that tests the status column of the customer table.

   TABLE customer 
   WHERE status = 'active'