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UltraLite fips property

Controls whether the new database should be using AES_FIPS encryption or AES encryption.

How to set it

UltraLite employs different methods for setting this property:

ContextImplemented by

From the command line    Use any utility that creates a database.

Use the following property syntax:

-o fips=boolean

Remember to include the KEY connection parameter in the ulcreate connection string. This sets the encryption key used for FIPS encryption.

From Sybase Central    Use any wizard that creates a database.

On the New Database Storage Settings page, choose to encrypt the database with strong encryption by selecting the AES FIPS algorithm option. Remember to also set and confirm the encryption key.

From a client application    Use the create database method.

  • On Palm OS, use the ULEnableFipsStrongEncryption method.

  • On all other platforms, set this property as one of the creation parameters for an API's create database method on the database manager class.

Allowed values

True if the database should be encrypted using AES_FIPS, false if the database should be encrypted with AES.


0 (databases is encrypted with AES)


All boolean values are supported. For example, true/false, yes/no, 1/0, and so on.

You can change the encryption key by specifying a new encryption key on the Connection object. Before calling the appropriate method, your application must make a connection to the encrypted database using the existing encryption key. However, you cannot change the type of encryption used, unless you recreate the database with the appropriate fips or obfuscate property.

Once you configure the key used for FIPS encryption, users connecting to this database must supply the key each time they connect.

Deploying FIPS    To deploy a FIPS-enabled database, copy all appropriate libraries for your platform (for example. See Setting up an AES FIPS database encryption in UltraLite .

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