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UltraLite HotSync Conduit Installation utility for Palm OS (ulcond10)

Installs and registers each Palm OS database with the HotSync conduit so the conduit can manage HotSync synchronization operations for each database. You can also use this utility to uninstall the conduit.


ulcond10 -c "connection-string" [ options ] creator-ID




Required. Set the creator ID of the application that uses the conduit. If a conduit already exists for the specified creator ID, it is replaced by the new conduit.


Append additional database connection strings to the connection string configured with the -c option. Use this to register more than one database with the conduit.

-c "connection-string"

Required. Connect to the Palm database on the device as identified by the DBF parameter of your connection-string. The connection string you define registers the deployed Palm database with the conduit, and the connection parameters are stored as part of the conduit's configuration information.

If you do not specify both a user ID and a password, the default UID of DBA and PWD of sql are assumed.

-d filename

Set the name of the plug-in .dll file.

The utility creates a registry key (Software\Sybase\SQL Anywhere\version\Conduit\creator-ID) with a value named PluginDLL. The value for PluginDLL is the filename you set.

Supply an empty string (-d"" ) to clear an existing file name from the registry.

-n name

Set the name displayed by the HotSync manager. The default value is Conduit.

Do not use this option with the -u option.


Set the utility to run in quiet mode. Suppress informational banners and version numbers.

If you are running ulcond10 on Windows Vista with the correct privileges, the window is shutdown immediately when no errors are reported. Otherwise, the five second delay applies.


Set the utility to run in ultra-quiet mode. Suppress informational banners, version numbers, and status/error messages.

If you are running ulcond10 on Windows Vista with the correct privileges, the window is shutdown immediately.


Uninstall the conduit for the creator ID. If you do not specify -u, a conduit is installed.

-x sync-parms

Set a list of semicolon-separated keyword=value pairs for the synchronization parameters you require. The keywords are case insensitive. See Extended synchronization parameters.

Supply an empty string (-x "") to clear any existing parameters.


ulcond10 is a command line utility. On Windows Vista, ulcond10 runs elevated. The executable window does not close for five seconds, thereby allowing you the capability of viewing the output.

HotSync Manager must be installed on your computer for the HotSync Conduit Installer to run.

HotSync records when each synchronization took place and whether each installed conduit worked as expected. The HotSync log file is in the subdirectory User of your Palm desktop installation directory.

See also

The following command installs a conduit for the application with creator ID Syb2, named CustDB. These are the settings for the CustDB sample application:

ulcond10 -c "DBF=custdb.udb;UID=DBA;PWD=sql" -n CustDB Syb2 

The following command uninstalls the conduit for the same CustDB sample application:

ulcond10 -u Syb2