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UltraLite RESERVE_SIZE connection parameter

Pre-allocates the file system space required for your UltraLite database, without actually inserting any data.


RESERVE_SIZE= number{ k | m | g }


0, or no reserve size needed.


The value you supply can be any value from 0 to your maximum database size. Specify the size in units of bytes, by using the suffix k or K to indicate units of kilobytes, the suffix m or M to indicate megabytes, and the suffix g or G to indicate gigabytes. If you do not specify a unite, bytes are assumed by default.

If the RESERVE_SIZE value is smaller than the database size, UltraLite ignores the parameter.

Reserving file system space can improve performance slightly. It can also prevent out-of-storage memory failures. Because an UltraLite database consists of data and metadata the database size grows only when required (that is, when the application updates the database). The RESERVE_SIZE parameter reserves space by growing the database to the given reserve size on creation or startup, which ensures the database is never truncated. You should run the database with test data and observe the database size and choose a reserve size that suits your UltraLite deployment.

See also

The following connection string fragment sets the reserve size to 128 KB so the system reserves that much for the database upon startup.