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STR function [String]

Returns the string equivalent of a number.


STR( numeric-expression [, length [, decimal ] ] )


numeric-expression    Any approximate numeric (float, real, or double precision) expression between -1E126 and 1E127.

length    The number of characters to be returned (including the decimal point, all digits to the right and left of the decimal point, and blanks). The default is 10.

decimal    The number of decimal digits to be returned. The default is 0.


If the integer portion of the number cannot fit in the length specified, then the result is a string of the specified length containing all asterisks. For example, the following statement returns ***.

SELECT STR( 1234.56, 3 );

The maximum length that is supported is 128. Any length that is not between 1 and 128 yields a result of NULL.

See also
Standards and compatibility

The following statement returns a string of six spaces followed by 1235, for a total of ten characters.

SELECT STR( 1234.56 );

The following statement returns the result 1234.6.

SELECT STR( 1234.56, 6, 1 );