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Extended synchronization parameters

You specify extended synchronization parameters with the ulsync utility on the command line after you have defined all other command line options you want to use. You can define multiple parameters by using multiple -e options. You cannot build a semicolon delimited keyword string. The keywords are case insensitive.

Option nameDescription
DownloadOnly (boolean)

Specifies that synchronization should be download-only. See Download Only synchronization parameter.

Newpassword (string)

Specifies a new password. See New Password synchronization parameter.

Password (string)

Specifies a password for the MobiLink client whose subscriptions are being synchronized. See Password synchronization parameter.

Ping (boolean)

Confirms communications between the UltraLite client and the MobiLink server. See Ping synchronization parameter.

Publication (string)

Specifies the names publications to be synchronized. See Publication synchronization parameter.

PublicationMask (integer)

Names a set of publications for which the last download time is retrieved. The set is supplied as a mask. See PublicationMask synchronization parameter.

SendColumnNames (boolean)

Used to directly handle rows. See Send Column Names synchronization parameter.


Specifies that a download acknowledgment should be sent from the client to the server. See Send Download Acknowledgment synchronization parameter.

TableOrder (string)

Sets the table order required for priority synchronization, if the default table ordering (based on foreign keys) is not suitable for your deployment. SeeTable Order synchronization parameter.

UploadOnly (boolean)

Specifies that synchronization should be upload-only. See Upload Only synchronization parameter.

Username (string)

Required. Defines the consolidated database user. See User Name synchronization parameter.

Version (string)

Required. Defines the consolidated database version. See Version synchronization parameter.