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UltraLite Initialize Database utility (ulinit)

Creates an UltraLite remote database from an existing SQL Anywhere consolidated database.


ulinit -a "SAconnection-string" -c "ULconnection-string" -n pubname [ options ]



-a "SAconnection-string"

Required. Connect to the SQL Anywhere database specified in the SAconnection-string. If you do not specify both a user ID and a password, the default UID of DBA and PWD of sql are assumed.

-c "ULconnection-string"

Required. Connect to the database as identified in the DBF or file_name parameter of your connection-string. If you do not specify both a user ID and a password, the default UID of DBA and PWD of sql are assumed.

-n pubname

Required. Add tables to the UltraLite database schema.

pubname specifies a publication in the reference database. Tables in the publication are added to the UltraLite database. The tables must already exist in the reference database; ulinit does not create them for you.

Specify the option multiple times to add tables from multiple publications to the UltraLite database. To add all tables in the reference database to the UltraLite database, specify -n*.

-o [ extended-options ]

Set the UltraLite extended database creation options. See Extended creation-time options.

-p creator-ID

Required for Palm OS. Create the database with the specified four character creator-ID of the UltraLite client application.


Run in quiet mode—do not print messages.

-s pubname

Use the named publication from the reference database to set synchronization behavior. Supply more than one -s option to name more than one synchronization publication.

If -s is not supplied, the UltraLite remote has no named publications. To synchronize with all publications in the reference database, type -s*.

For more information on how to create publications for MobiLink synchronization, see Publications in UltraLite.

-t file

Specify the file containing the trusted root certificate. This certificate is required for server authentication.


Do not display warnings.


The SQL Anywhere reference database acts as the source for synchronization scripts, database configuration (for example, the collation sequence used), and table definitions for the UltraLite database file—basically schema-related information used to set up a new UltraLite database. The database you create is initially empty.

To populate the empty UltraLite database created by ulinit