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-ch server option

Sets a maximum cache size, as a limit to automatic cache growth.

{ dbsrv11 | dbeng11 } -ch { size[ k | m | g | p ] } ...
Applies to

Windows, Unix, Mac OS X


This option limits the size of the database server cache during automatic cache growth. By default the upper limit is approximately the lower of the maximum non-AWE cache size and 90% of the physical memory of the computer.

The size is the amount of memory, in bytes. Use k, m, or g to specify units of kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes, respectively.

The unit p is a percentage either of the physical system memory, or of the maximum non-AWE cache size, whichever is lower. The maximum non-AWE cache size depends on the operating system. For example:

  • 2.8 GB for Windows 32-bit Advanced Server, Enterprise Server and Datacenter Server
  • 3.8 GB for the 32-bit database server running on Windows x64 Edition
  • 1.8 GB on all other 32-bit systems
  • On Windows Mobile, the p option specifies a percentage of available physical memory

If you use p, the argument is a percentage. You can use % as an alternative to P, but as most non-Unix operating systems use % as an environment variable escape character, you must escape the % character. To set the minimum cache size to 50 percent of the physical system memory, you would use the following:

This option is ignored if you are using an AWE cache. You can use the -cw option to create a larger cache using AWE. See -cw server option.

dbeng11 -ch 50%% ...
See also

The following example starts a server named silver that has a maximum cache size of 2 MB and loads the sample database:

dbeng11 -ch 2m -n silver "samples-dir\demo.db"

For information about samples-dir, see Samples directory.