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connection_authentication option [database]

Specifies an authentication string that is used to verify the application signature against the database signature for authenticated applications.

Allowed values



Empty string


Can be set for an individual connection only.


This option only takes effect when you are using the OEM Edition of the SQL Anywhere database server.

Authenticated applications must set the connection_authentication database option for every connection immediately after the connection is established. If the signature is verified, the connection is authenticated and has no restrictions on its activities beyond those imposed by the SQL permissions. If the signature is not verified, the connection is limited to those actions permitted by unauthenticated applications.

The connection_authentication option must be set for the duration of the current connection only by using the TEMPORARY keyword. The following SQL statement authenticates the connection:

SET TEMPORARY OPTION connection_authentication =
     'company = company-name;
     application = application-name;
     signature = application-signature';

The company-name and application-name must match those in the database authentication statement. The application-signature is the application signature that you obtained from Sybase.

If your company name has quotation marks, apostrophes, or other special characters, you must double them in the string for it to be accepted.

For more information about configuring and using the OEM Edition of SQL Anywhere, see Running authenticated SQL Anywhere applications.

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The following example specifies an authentication string that contains special characters:

SET TEMPORARY OPTION connection_authentication=
   'Company = Joe''s Garage;
    Application = Joe''s Program;
    Signature = 0fa55157edb8e14d818e...';