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ALTER PUBLICATION statement [MobiLink] [SQL Remote]

Use this statement to alter a publication. In MobiLink, a publication identifies synchronized data in a SQL Anywhere remote database. In SQL Remote, a publication identifies replicated data in both consolidated and remote databases.

ALTER PUBLICATION [ owner.]publication-name alterpub-clause, ...
  ADD article-definition
| ALTER article-definition
| { DELETE | DROP } TABLE [ owner.]table-name
| RENAME publication-name
article-definition :
TABLE table-name [ ( column-name, ... ) ]
[ WHERE search-condition ]
[ SUBSCRIBE BY expression ]
[ USING ( [PROCEDURE ] [ owner.][procedure-name ] 

This statement is applicable only to MobiLink and SQL Remote.

The ALTER PUBLICATION statement alters a publication in the database. The contribution to a publication from one table is called an article. Changes can be made to a publication by adding, modifying, or deleting articles, or by renaming the publication. If an article is modified, the entire definition of the modified article must be entered.

It is recommended that you perform a successful synchronization of the publication immediately before you alter it.

You cannot use the WHERE clause for publications that are defined as FOR DOWNLOAD ONLY or WITH SCRIPTED UPLOAD.

The SUBSCRIBE BY clause applies to SQL Remote only.

The USING clause is for scripted upload only.

You set options for a MobiLink publication with the ADD OPTION clause in the ALTER SYNCHRONIZATION SUBSCRIPTION statement or CREATE SYNCHRONIZATION SUBSCRIPTION statement.


Must have DBA authority, or be the owner of the publication. Requires exclusive access to all tables referred to in the statement.

Side effects

Automatic commit.

See also
Standards and compatibility
  • SQL/2003   Vendor extension.


The following statement adds the Customers table to the pub_contact publication.

   ADD TABLE Customers;