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Use this statement to create a SQL Anywhere synchronization profile. Synchronization profiles define how a SQL Anywhere database synchronizes with the MobiLink server.

  • name   Specifies the name of the synchronization profile to create. Each profile must have a unique name.

  • string   Specify a valid option string as described below. Option strings are specified as semicolon delimited lists of elements of the form <option name>=<option value>. For example publication=p1;verbosity=high.


The following table lists the synchronization profile options supported by dbmlsync:

Long option name Short name Valid values Description
AuthParms ap String Supplies parameters to the authenticate_parameters script and to authentication parameters. See -ap option.
ApplyDnldFile ba String Applies a download file. See -ba option.
ContinueDownload dc Boolean Restarts a previously failed download. See -dc option.
CreateDnldFile bc String Creates a download file. See -bc option.
DnldFileExtra be String When creating a download file, this option specifies an extra string to be included in the file. See -be option.
DownloadOnly ds Boolean Performs a download-only synchronization. See -ds option.
DownloadReadSize drs Integer For restartable downloads, specifies the maximum amount of data that may need to be resent after a communications failure. See -drs option.
ExtOpt e String Specifies extended options. See -e option.
IgnoreHookErrors eh Boolean Ignores errors that occur in hook functions. See -eh option.
IgnoreScheduling is Boolean Ignores scheduling instructions so that synchronization is immediate. See -is option.
KillConnections d Boolean Drops conflicting locks to the remote database. See -d option.
LogRenameSize x An integer optionally followed by K or M. Renames and restarts the transaction log after it has been scanned for upload data. See -x option.
MobiLinkPwd mp String Supplies the password of the MobiLink user. See -mp option.
MLUser u String Specifies the MobiLink user name. See -u option.
NewMLPassword mn String Supplies a new password for the MobiLink user. Use this option when you want to change an existing password. See -mn option.
Ping pi Boolean Pings a MobiLink server to confirm communications between the client and MobiLink. See -pi option.
Publication n String Specifies the publication to synchronize. Note that publication can only be specified once in a syncronization profile but the command line option can be specified multiple times. See -n option.
RemoteProgressGreater ra Boolean Specifies that the remote offset should be used if it is greater than the consolidated offset. This is equivalent to the -ra option. See -r option.
RemoteProgressLess rb Boolean Specifies that the remote offset should be used if it is less than the consolidated offset (such as when the remote database has been restored from backup). This is equivalent to the -rb option. See -r option.
TransactionalUpload tu Boolean Specifies that each transaction on the remote database should be uploaded as a separate transaction within one synchronization. See -tu option.
UpdateGenNum bg Boolean When creating a download file, this option creates a file that can be used with remote databases that have not yet synchronized. See -bg option.
UploadOnly uo Boolean Specifies that synchronization will only include an upload, and no download will occur. See -uo option.
UploadRowCnt urc Integer Specifies an estimate of the number of rows to be uploaded in a synchronization. See -urc option.
Verbosity String (a comma separated list of options) Controls dbmlsync verbosity. Similar to the -v option. The value must be a comma separated list of one or more of the following options, each of which corresponds to an existing -v option as described below:
  • BASIC - equivalent to -v
  • HIGH - equivalent to -v+
  • CONNECT_STR - equivalent to -vc
  • ROW_CNT - equivalent to -vn
  • OPTIONS - equivalent to -vo
  • ML_PASSWORD - equivalent to -vp
  • ROW_DATA - equivalent to -vr
  • HOOK - equivalent to -vs

For options that take a Boolean value, setting the value to TRUE is equivalent to specifying the corresponding option on the command line.

The following values can be used to specify TRUE: TRUE, ON, 1, YES.

The following values can be used to specify FALSE: FALSE, OFF, 0, NO.


Must have DBA authority.

Side effects

Automatic commit.

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