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TO_NCHAR function [String]

Converts character data from any supported character set into the NCHAR character set.

TO_NCHAR( string-expression [, source-charset-name ] )
  • string-expression   The string to be converted

  • source-charset-name   The character set of the string.


If source-charset-name is specified then this function is equivalent to:

CAST( CSCONVERT( CAST( string-expression AS BINARY ),
 'nchar_charset', source-charset-name ) 

For more information about nchar_charset, see CSCONVERT function [String].

If source-charset-name is not provided then this function is equivalent to:

CAST( string-expression AS NCHAR );
See also
Standards and compatibility
  • SQL/2003   Vendor extension.


If you have a BINARY value containing data in the cp850 character set, the following example to converts the data to the NCHAR character set and data type:

SELECT TO_NCHAR( 'cp850_data', 'cp850' );