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SQL Anywhere 11.0.0 » MobiLink - Client Administration » Introduction to SQL Anywhere Clients for MobiLink » MobiLink SQL Anywhere client extended options


Increment (inc) extended option

Enables incremental uploads and controls the size of upload increments.

inc=number[ K | M ]; ...

This option specifies a minimum incremental scan volume in units of bytes. Use the suffix k or m to specify units of kilobytes or megabytes, respectively.

When this option is specified, uploads are sent to MobiLink in one or more parts. This could be useful if a site has difficulty maintaining a connection for long enough to complete the full upload. When the option is not set, uploads are sent as a single unit.

The value of this option specifies, very approximately, the size of each upload part. The value of the option controls the size of each upload part as follows. Dbmlsync builds the upload by scanning the database transaction log. When this option is set, dbmlsync scans the number of bytes that are set in the option, and then continues scanning to the first point at which there are no outstanding partial transactions—the next point at which all transactions have either been committed or rolled back. It then sends what it has scanned as an upload part and resumes scanning the log from where it left off.

You cannot use the Increment extended option with scripted upload or transactional upload.

This option has a short form and long form: you can use inc or Increment.

You can also store extended options in the database. For more information about dbmlsync extended options, see Introduction to dbmlsync extended options.


The following dbmlsync command line illustrates how you can set this option when you start dbmlsync:

dbmlsync -e "inc=32000"

The following SQL statement illustrates how you can store this option in the database:

   TO sales_publication
   FOR ml_user1
   OPTION inc='32k';