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ISAPI Redirector for Microsoft web servers (deprecated)


The Redirector has been deprecated. In its place, use the Relay Server. See Synchronizing through a web server with the relay server.

If you are using a Microsoft web server, you can use the ISAPI version of the Redirector.

For information about version support, see [external link] SQL Anywhere Supported Platforms and Engineering Status.

To configure ISAPI Redirector for Microsoft web servers

  1. Complete the steps in Configuring Redirector properties (for Redirectors that support server groups).

  2. Copy the file iaredirect.dll to Inetpub\scripts on the computer that holds the web server.

    The file iaredirect.dll is installed with the MobiLink server, in MobiLink\redirector\IIS5 under your SQL Anywhere installation directory.

    The directory Inetpub\scripts is in the Microsoft web server installation directory.

  3. If your web server is on a separate computer from the Redirector, you must copy the following files to that computer and ensure that they are in your path. What files you need depends on what, if any, encryption you are using.

    The following file locations are relative to your SQL Anywhere installation directory:

    Setup Files required
    • bin32\dblgen11.dll1
    • bin32\dbicu11.dll
    • bin32\dbicudt11.dll
    ECC encryption
    • bin32\mlcecc11.dll
    RSA encryption
    • bin32\mlcrsa11.dll
    RSA encryption with FIPS
    • bin32\mlcrsafips11.dll
    • bin32\sbgse2.dll

    1 For German, Japanese, and Chinese editions, substitute en with de, ja, and zh, respectively.

    For information about how to change the language, see Understanding the locale language.


To test your configuration

  1. Call the ISAPI Redirector using the following syntax:



    • protocol   is http or https.

    • host   is the host name of the web server.

    • port   is the port on which the web server is listening, if it is not the default port.

    • exec_dir   is the directory where you installed the Redirector DLL, iaredirect.dll. The default directory is scripts.

      For example,


  2. Check the log file to see if the Redirector logged a request.

    Note: This test does not make a connection to the MobiLink server.

  3. If your configuration is not successful, check the following:

    • The directory Inetpub\scripts should be created during the web server installation with execute permissions.
    • You can put your Redirector configuration file and iaredirect.dll in a different directory only if you use Internet Information Services to give execute permissions to the directory.
    • You must have a virtual directory that points to the Inetpub\scripts directory. If you do not, you must open Internet Information Services and manually create a virtual directory. This virtual directory should point to Inetpub\scripts and have Execute Permissions set to Scripts and Executables. See the IIS online help for instructions.