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ml_add_property system procedure

Use this system procedure to add or delete MobiLink properties. This system procedure changes rows in the ml_property system table.

ml_add_property ( 




VARCHAR(128). The component name. You can create records to ScriptVersion or SIS. To save properties by script version, set to ScriptVersion. For server-initiated synchronization properties, set to SIS.


VARCHAR(128). The property set name. If the component name is ScriptVersion, then this parameter is the name of the script version. If the component name is SIS, then this parameter is the name of the Notifier, gateway, or carrier that you are setting a property for.


VARCHAR(128). The property name. If the component name is ScriptVersion, then this parameter is a property that you define. You can reference these properties using DBConnectionContext: getVersion and getProperties, or ServerContext: getPropertiesByVersion, getProperties, and getPropertySetNames.


TEXT. The property value. For Oracle, this parameter is CLOB. To delete a property, set to null.

Server-initiated synchronization

For server-initiated synchronization, the ml_add_property system procedure allows you to set properties for Notifiers, gateways, and carriers.

For example, to add the property server=mailserver1 for an SMTP gateway called x:

ml_add_property( 'SIS','SMTP(x)','server','mailserver1' );

The verbosity property applies to all Notifiers and gateways, and so you cannot specify a particular property set name. To change the verbosity setting, leave the property set name blank:

ml_add_property( 'SIS','','verbosity',2 );
Script Version

For regular MobiLink synchronization, you can use this system procedure to associate properties with a script version. In this case, set the component_name to ScriptVersion. You can specify any properties, and use Java and .NET classes to access them.

For example, to associate an LDAP server with a script version called MyVersion:

ml_add_property( 'ScriptVersion','MyVersion','ldap-server','MyServer' )
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