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This table is used only for server-initiated synchronization. It maps a MobiLink user name to a device name for device tracking.




VARCHAR(128). Not null. The name you use to address notification. This column can be populated in one of three ways:

  • If you use the dblsn -t+ option, this is the alias that you have defined for the ml_user.
  • If you used the dblsn -u option, this is an ml_user name.
  • If you use neither -t+ nor -u, the default name is device-name-dblsn, where device-name is the name of your device. You can find the device name in your Listener messages window. Optionally, you can set the device name using the dblsn -e option.

See Listener options for device tracking.


VARCHAR(255). Not null. The name given to the device. This name is extracted from the operating system unless you specify a name using the dblsn -e option.


VARCHAR(1). Not null. This is y for an active Listener; otherwise it is n. This field is set when you use the dblsn option -t, or you can manually set it with stored procedures.

ignore_tracking VARCHAR(1). Not null. If this is y, tracking information is not written to the row. If it is n, tracking information is written to the row.
source VARCHAR(255). Not null. This is tracking if the row was created by automatic device tracking. Otherwise, it is blank unless you change it using stored procedures to add information about where the data in this row came from. The value in this column does not affect the operation of the software.

The MobiLink system tables ml_device, ml_device_address, and ml_listening contain tracked information about devices for server-initiated synchronization. DeviceTracker gateways use this information to address target devices by MobiLink user name.

In most cases, you should not need to alter these tables. However, if your device does not support device tracking or if you want to override device tracking for troubleshooting purposes, you can add or delete rows in this table using pre-defined stored procedures. See Using device tracking with Listeners that don't support it.

If you want to stop automatic tracking, set override_tracking to Yes. In this case, it is also recommended that you use a source name other than tracking.



FOREIGN KEY( device_name ) REFERENCES ml_device( device_name )

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