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Configuring the QAnywhere Notifier

The QAnywhere Notifier is created by MobiLink setup scripts and is started when you run the MobiLink server with the -m option. The QAnywhere Notifier is called QAnyNotifier_client.

QAnyNotifier_client uses the defaults described in MobiLink Notifier properties, with the following exceptions:

  • The gui property is set to off, meaning that the Notifier window is not displayed on the computer where the Notifier is running.
  • The enable property is set to no, meaning that you have to run mlsrv11 with the -m option to start the Notifier.
  • The poll_every property is set to 5, which means that the Notifier polls every five seconds to see if a push notification needs to be sent.

You can change the following Notifier properties:

  • poll_every property
  • resend interval in the request_cursor property
  • time to live in the request_cursor property

Other than the three properties listed here, you should not change any Notifier properties. Do not change any other columns in the request_cursor.

Poll_every property

You can change the default polling interval of QAnyNotifier_client by changing the value 5 in the following code and running it against your consolidated database:

CALL ml_add_property( 'SIS', 'Notifier(QAnyNotifier_client)', 'poll_every', '5' )

See poll_every property.

Resend interval and time to live

The QAnywhere Notifier contains a default request_cursor. The request_cursor determines what information is sent in a push request, who receives the information, when, and where. You should not change any of the defaults except the resend interval and time to live. The resend interval specifies that an unreceived push notification should be resent every 5 minutes by default. The time to live specifies that an unreceived push notification is resent for 3 hours by default. In most cases, these defaults are optimal. Following is the default request_cursor that is provided with QAnyNotifier_client:

    FROM ml_qa_notifications u 
                    FROM ml_listening l 
                    WHERE = AND l.listening = ''y'')

For more information about the columns in the request_cursor, see Creating the push request table.

You can change the resend interval from the default of 5 minutes by changing the value 5M in the following code. You can change the time to live default of 3 hours by changing the value 3H.

CALL ml_add_property( 
  'select u.user_id,
     FROM ml_qa_notifications u 
        SELECT * 
         FROM ml_listening l WHERE = AND l.listening = ''y'')' )

For more information, see request_cursor property.

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