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Running the iAnywhere WSDL compiler

Given a WSDL source that describes a web service, the iAnywhere WSDL compiler generates a set of Java proxy classes, C# proxy classes, or SQL SOAP client procedures for SQL Anywhere that you include in your application.

The Java or C# classes generated by the WSDL compiler are intended for use with QAnywhere. These classes expose web service operations as method calls. The classes that are generated are:

For information about the generated proxy classes, see:

The WSDL compiler supports WSDL 1.1 and SOAP 1.1 over HTTP and HTTPS.

wsdlc  [options] wsdl-uri

This is the specification for the WSDL (Web Services Description Language) source (a URL or file).

  • -h   Display help text.

  • -v   Display verbose information.

  • -o output-directory   Specify an output directory for generated files.

  • -l language   Specify a language for the generated files. This is one of java, cs, or sql. These options must be specified in lowercase letters.

  • -d   Display debug information that may be helpful when contacting iAnywhere customer support.

Java-specific options:
  • -p package   Specify a package name. This permits you to override the default package name.

C#-specific options:
  • -n namespace   Specify a namespace. This permits you to wrap the generated classes in a namespace of your choosing.

SQL-specific options:
  • -f filename   (Required) Specify the name of the output SQL file to which the SQL statements are written. This operation overwrites any existing file of the same name.

  • -p=prefix   Specify a prefix for the generated function or procedure names. The default prefix is the service name followed by a period (for example, "WSDish.").

  • -x   Generate procedure definitions rather than function definitions.

This is the name of the WSDL file that describes a web service.