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SQL Anywhere 11.0.0 » SQL Anywhere 11 - Changes and Upgrading » What's new in version 8.0.2 » Behavior changes in version 8.0.2


Adaptive Server Anywhere behavior changes

The following is a list of behavior changes from previous versions of the software.

  • Windows CE 2.11 no longer supported   Support has been dropped for the Windows CE 2.11 platform.

  • SH3 and SH4 chips no longer supported   Support for Windows CE devices using the SH3 and SH4 chips has been dropped.

  • optimization_goal setting   The default setting for the optimization_goal option is set to All-rows rather than first-row. This affects the execution plan chosen for some queries and so will change performance characteristics.

    For more information, see optimization_goal option [database].

  • xp_cmdshell displays a command window on Windows operating systems   It is now possible to control whether xp_cmdshell starts a new window. The behavior change applies to databases created with or upgraded to version 8.0.2 or later. On older databases, the previous behavior of not displaying a command window is maintained. The new behavior is compatible with other databases such as Adaptive Server Enterprise and Microsoft SQL Server.

    You can hide the command window by specifying a second parameter in the call to xp_cmdshell.

    For more information, see xp_cmdshell system procedure.

  • Full-length English day names are recognized regardless of the language used by the database server   When creating events, the full-length English day names are recognized by the database server, regardless of the language (German, Chinese, and so on) the database server is using. This means that event definitions in the reload script will be recognized by a server running with a different language.

    Events that use the abbreviated English day names (Mon, Tue, and so on) are not recognized by servers running in languages other than English.

    For more information, see CREATE EVENT statement.

  • OPTION settings validated   Integer options with minimum and maximum values are now validated. Setting an option to an invalid value gives the error Invalid setting for option '%1'.

    If you unload and reload a database that contains invalid option settings, they are set to the closest legal value.

    The affected options are as follows. The square brackets indicate an inclusive range.




    [ 0, 3 ]


    [ 0, 127 ]


    [ 0, 127 ]


    [ 0, 100 ]


    [ 2, 64 ]


    [ 2, 64 ]


    [ 1, 7 ]


    [ 1, 60000000 ]

  • Renamed joins   The names of two joins have changed, both in the graphical plan and in the documentation. Nested loops join not exists (JNE) are now called Nested loops antisemijoin (JNLA), and nested loops exists joins (JE) are now called nested loops semijoins (JNLS)

    For more information, see Join algorithms.

Deprecated and unsupported features

This list includes features that are no longer supported and that impact existing applications.

  • -d server option deprecated on Windows   When used on NetWare, the -d option forces the use of POSIX I/O rather than DFS (Direct File System) I/O. In Windows, the option is still allowed on the command line, but is ignored.