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UltraLite behavior changes

The following is a list of behavior changes from previous versions of the software.

  • Supported platform changes   The following changes have been made to the supported UltraLite deployment platforms.

    • ScoutSync no longer supported   Support has been dropped for ScoutSync synchronization software.

    • VxWorks no longer supported   The VxWorks operating system is no longer supported.

    • JDK 1.1.8 required for pure Java UltraLite   The pure Java static development model requires JDK 1.1.8 or later, rather than JDK 1.1.4 or later.

    • Palm OS changes   Changes to the UltraLite architecture for Palm OS provides better performance on newer devices. A consequence is that UltraLite requires more dynamic memory than in previous releases. For anything other than very small databases, it is recommended that Palm OS version 3.5 or later be used, with 4 MB or more of memory.

    • MobileBuilder and PRC Tools no longer supported   UltraLite development is no longer supported on the PenRight! MobileBuilder platform. Development using the GNU PRC Tool chain is also no longer supported.

  • Development platform changes   Application development for UltraLite components is now supported on Windows NT/2000/XP only. Development using the static interfaces is also supported on Windows 98 SE. Other members of the Windows 95/98/Me family are not supported for development purposes.The supported Metrowerks CodeWarrior versions are now 8 and 9.

  • Documentation terminology change   The introduction of the UltraLite components requires new names in order to distinguish the different interfaces. The older UltraLite interfaces (embedded SQL, the C++ API, and the Java API) are now named static interfaces, as the queries they use must be specified at compile time. The components provide access to dynamic SQL.

  • UltraLite runtime library on Windows NT/2000/XP    The ActiveX and MobileVB components now use a Unicode runtime library on Windows. This runtime library is compatible with version 8.0.2 UltraLite database (.udb) files for Windows, but not with version 8.0.2 UltraLite database files built on other Windows operating systems.

  • file_name parameter   In previous versions of the software, the file_name parameter used to specify the UltraLite database file name on the desktop would also be used to specify the file name on a device if no platform-specific parameter was supplied. The file_name parameter is now ignored except for on desktop operating systems.

  • Static Java API changes   The static Java API has changed. The following methods that were on the JdbcDatabase object have been moved to the JdbcConnection object:

    • countUploadRows
    • getLastDownloadTimeDate
    • getLastDownloadTimeLong

    The grant and revoke methods have been added to JdbcConnection for use by applications that do not have an explicit JdbcManager object.

  • Error code changes   Some UltraLite error codes have changed to more specific and useful values. If you test for individual error codes in your application, check the new codes after upgrade.

    For example, if you check for SQLE_DATABASE_NOT_FOUND (or the equivalent in one of the UltraLite interfaces) when connecting to a database, you should change this to SQLE_ULTRALITE_DATABASE_NOT_FOUND.

    For a list of error codes, see the SQL error object in the interface you are using.

  • UL_STORE_PARMS change for embedded SQL   The UL_STORE_PARMS macro is now evaluated during the EXEC SQL CONNECT statement. The database is no longer started during the dbinit call, but rather on connect. This means that UL_STORE_PARMS could be evaluated a different number of times if you use multiple connections. It also means that UL_STORE_PARMS must be defined before any EXEC SQL CONNECT statements.