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Design and management tools

The following describes the design and management tools included with SQL Anywhere.

  • Sybase Central—centralized control and administration    Sybase Central is an integrated database administration and development tool that provides access to database settings, properties, and utilities in a graphical user interface. Via plug-ins, Sybase Central can be used to manage SQL Anywhere Server, UltraLite, MobiLink, QAnywhere, and other Sybase products. For example, the MobiLink plug-in includes the Create Synchronization Model Wizard and Model mode to assist with developing and customizing MobiLink applications.

    A screen capture of Sybase Central.

    In addition to facilitating routine tasks, Sybase Central also provides performance statistics, procedure profiling, and stored procedure debugging, as well as the management of events and schedules, web services, and connection profiles. Sybase Central helps administer any tasks that are performed by sending SQL statements to the database server, or performed by SQL Anywhere utilities.

    See Using Sybase Central.

    A variety of Sybase Central tools are available to help you analyze and monitor the current performance of your SQL Anywhere database. These tools include procedure profiling, graphical plans, query execution, the performance monitor, request logging, and timing utilities. In addition, Sybase Central offers:

    • Application profiling using the Application Profiling Wizard   Use the Application Profiling Wizard in Sybase Central to automatically:

      • Profile stored procedures, functions, triggers, and events
      • Receive recommendations to help improve the performance of your database application
      • Capture database activity while your application is running

      See Application profiling.

    • Advanced application profiling in Application Profiling mode   Improve overall performance by using the Database Tracing Wizard and Application Profiling mode in Sybase Central to:

      • Adjust cache size and indexes based on database performance counters
      • Identify when deadlocks occur
      • Look at locking activity
      • Examine execution plans
      • Trace each statement in an application for diagnosing and troubleshooting

      See Advanced application profiling using diagnostic tracing.

    • Index selection and optimization using Index Consultant   The Index Consultant analyzes workloads and provides recommendations on how to select indexes to optimize performance. The Index Consultant can be run from either Sybase Central or Interactive SQL. See Index Consultant.

  • Interactive SQL—SQL query editor   Interactive SQL is a database utility designed to execute SQL statements and display database data. The built-in query editor and other tools, such as the graphical plan display, help you to analyze, troubleshoot, and optimize queries. See Using Interactive SQL.

  • MobiLink Monitor—synchronization monitoring   The MobiLink Monitor is a graphical administration tool that provides detailed information about the performance of MobiLink synchronizations. The MobiLink Monitor collects detailed information and statistical summaries about all synchronizations that occur, including start and end times, data volume uploaded and downloaded, successful completions, conflicts, and more. See MobiLink Monitor.

  • Database utilities   SQL Anywhere includes various utilities for performing administration tasks such as backing up a database. Utilities are useful for including in batch files for repeated use. See Database administration utilities.

  • InfoMaker   InfoMaker is a personal data assistant that lets you work with data in many ways. With InfoMaker you can query your SQL Anywhere databases and create sophisticated and effective custom reports. See About InfoMaker.

  • PowerDesigner Physical Data Model   The Physical Data Model component of Sybase PowerDesigner lets you design, generate, document, and maintain databases. See About PowerDesigner Physical Data Model.

  • Data Window.NET   With Data Window.NET you can rapidly build and deploy enterprise-level, SQL Anywhere applications that incorporate complex business rules, and deliver sophisticated data presentation. See About DataWindow .NET.