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SQL Anywhere 11.0.0 » SQL Remote » Introduction to SQL Remote » SQL Remote concepts


SQL Remote components

The following components are required for SQL Remote:

  • Data server   A SQL Anywhere database is required at each remote site and the consolidated database to maintain the data.

  • Message Agent   A SQL Remote Message Agent is required at the consolidated site and at each remote site to send and receive SQL Remote messages.

    The Message Agent connects to the data server by a client/server connection. It may run on the same machine as the data server or on a different machine.

  • Database extraction utility   The Extraction utility can be used to prepare remote databases from a consolidated database, during development and testing, and also at deployment time.

  • Message system client software   SQL Remote uses existing message systems to transport replication messages. A file-sharing message system is provided, which does not require client software. Each computer involved in SQL Remote replication using a message system other than file sharing must have that message system installed.

  • Client applications   The applications that work with SQL Remote databases are standard client/server database applications.

The architecture of a SQL Remote installation, showing the SQL Remote Message Agent, the data server, and the message system.
The data server

The data server must be a SQL Anywhere server.

Client applications

The client application can use ODBC, embedded SQL, or a variety of other programming interfaces.

See SQL Anywhere data access programming interfaces.

Client applications do not have to know if they are using a consolidated or remote database. From the client application perspective, there is no difference.

Message Agent

The SQL Remote Message Agent sends and receives replication messages. It is a client application that sends and receives messages from database to database. The Message Agent must be installed at both the consolidated and at the remote sites.

The Message Agent is a program called dbremote.exe on PC operating systems, and dbremote on Unix.

Schematic diagram of the components involved in SQL Remote replication.
Message system client

If you are using a shared file message system, no message system client is needed.

If you are using an email or other message system, you must have a message system for that client in order to send and receive messages.