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SQL Anywhere 11.0.0 » SQL Remote » SQL Remote Administration » Administering SQL Remote » Using passthrough mode


Operations not replicated in passthrough mode

There are special considerations for some statements in passthrough mode.

Calling procedures

When a stored procedure is called in passthrough mode using a CALL or EXEC statement, the CALL statement itself is replicated and none of the statements inside the procedure are replicated. It is assumed that the procedure on the replicate side has the correct effect.

Control of flow statements and cursor operations

Control-flow statements such as IF and LOOP, as well as any cursor operations, are not replicated in passthrough mode. Any statements within the loop or control structure are replicated.

Operations on cursors are not replicated. Inserting rows through a cursor, updating rows in a cursor, or deleting rows through a cursor are not replicated in passthrough mode.

Static embedded SQL SET OPTION statements are not replicated. The following statement is not replicated in passthrough mode:


However, the following dynamic SQL statement is replicated:


Batch statements ( a group of statements surrounded with a BEGIN and END) are not replicated in passthrough mode. You receive an error message if you try to use batch statements in passthrough mode.