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Introduction to UltraLite database options

Options are used to configure database behavior. Database options can be set or modified at any time. In UltraLite, options can be persistent or temporary. Persistent options are stored in the database in the sysuldata system table. Temporary option settings only persist while the database is running.

Option values are set by using the SET OPTION statement. For example, the following statement sets the global_database_id option to 100:

SET OPTION global_database_id=100;

You can obtain the current setting of a database option by querying the value of the corresponding database property or by using the appropriate get database property method. For example, to obtain the current setting of the commit_flush_timeout database option, execute the following SQL statement:

SELECT DB_PROPERTY ( 'commit_flush_timeout' );
Changing UltraLite persistent database option settings from Sybase Central

You can view and change the setting of persistent database options from Sybase Central. Temporary UltraLite database options cannot be viewed or set from Sybase Central.

To browse or modify persistent UltraLite database options (Sybase Central)

  1. Connect to the database.

  2. Right-click the database and choose Options.

    The Database Options window appears.

  3. If you want to set or reset an option, type a new value in the Value field.

  4. Click either Set Now or Reset Now to commit the change.

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