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SQL Anywhere 11.0.0 » UltraLite - .NET Programming » UltraLite .NET 2.0 API Reference » ULCommand class » ExecuteReader methods


ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior) method

Executes a SQL SELECT statement with the specified command behavior and returns the result set.

Visual Basic

Public Function ExecuteReader( _
   ByVal cmdBehavior As CommandBehavior _
) As ULDataReader

public ULDataReader ExecuteReader(
   CommandBehavior cmdBehavior
  • cmdBehavior¬†¬† A bitwise combination of System.Data.CommandBehavior flags describing the results of the query and its effect on the connection. UltraLite.NET respects only the System.Data.CommandBehavior.Default, System.Data.CommandBehavior.CloseConnection, and System.Data.CommandBehavior.SchemaOnly flags.

Return value

The result set as a ULDataReader object.


The statement is the current ULCommand object, with the ULCommand.CommandText and any ULCommand.Parameters as required. The ULDataReader object is a read-only result set. For editable result sets, use ULCommand.ExecuteResultSet(CommandBehavior), ULCommand.ExecuteTable(CommandBehavior), or a ULDataAdapter.

If the ULCommand.CommandType is System.Data.CommandType.TableDirect, ExecuteReader performs an ULCommand.ExecuteTable(CommandBehavior) and returns a ULTable downcast as a ULDataReader.

It is recommended that SELECT statements used with this method to create read-only result sets end with FOR READ ONLY. For some statements that use temporary tables, there may be a significant performance improvement.

This is the strongly-typed version of System.Data.IDbCommand.ExecuteReader(System.Data.CommandBehavior) and System.Data.Common.DbCommand.ExecuteReader(System.Data.CommandBehavior).

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