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ULParameter class

Represents a parameter to a ULCommand. This class cannot be inherited.

Visual Basic

Public NotInheritable Class ULParameter 
  Inherits DbParameter
  Implements ICloneable

public sealed class ULParameter : DbParameter,

A ULParameter object can be created directly using one of its many constructors, or using the ULCommand.CreateParameter method. Because of the special treatment of the 0 and 0.0 constants and the way overloaded methods are resolved, it is highly recommended that you explicitly cast constant values to type object when using the ULParameter(string,object) constructor. For example:

' Visual Basic
Dim p As ULParameter = New ULParameter( "", CType( 0, Object ) )

// C#
ULParameter p = new ULParameter( "", (object)0 );

Parameters (including those created by ULCommand.CreateParameter) must be added to a ULCommand.Parameters collection to be used. All parameters are treated as positional parameters and are used by a command in the order that they were added.

In UltraLite.NET, parameters can only be used as IN parameters and all mapping information is ignored. Only the ULParameter.Value is important.

Inherits: System.Data.Common.DbParameter

Implements: System.Data.IDbDataParameter, System.Data.IDataParameter

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