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-sk server option

Specifies a key that can be used to enable features that are disabled for the database server.

{ dbsrv11 | dbeng11 } -sk key ...
Applies to

All operating systems and database servers.


When you secure features for a database server using the -sf option, you can also include the -sk option, which specifies a key that can be used with the secure_feature_key database option to enable secured features for a connection. That connection can also use the sa_server_option system procedure to modify the features or feature sets that are secured for all databases running on the database server.

If the secure_feature_key option is set to any value other than the one specified by -sk, no error is given, and the features specified by -sf remain secured for the connection.

See also

The following command starts a database server named secure_server with access to the backup features disabled. The key specified by the -sk option can be used later to enable these features for a specific connection.

dbsrv11 -n secure_server -sf backup -sk j978kls12

Setting the secure_feature_key option to the value specified by -sk for a connection to a database running on the secure_server database server allows that connection to perform backups or change the features that are disabled on the secure_server database server:

SET TEMPORARY OPTION secure_feature_key = 'j978kls12';

The user could then disable the use of all secured features for databases running on secure_server by executing the following command:

CALL sa_server_option( 'SecureFeatures', 'all' );