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sqlanywhere_fetch_field (deprecated)

object sqlanywhere_fetch_field(  resource result_identifier [, field_offset ]  )

This function is deprecated. You should use the following PHP function instead: sasql_fetch_field.

Returns an object that contains information about a specific column.


result_identifier   The result resource returned by the sqlanywhere_query function.

field_offset   An integer representing the column/field on which you want to retrieve information. Columns are zero based; to get the first column, specify the value 0. If this parameter is omitted, then the next field object is returned.


An object that has the following properties:

  • id   contains the field/column number

  • name   contains the field/column name

  • numeric   indicates whether the field is a numeric value

  • length   returns field length

  • type   returns field type


This example shows how to use sqlanywhere_fetch_field to retrieve all the column information for a result set.

$result = sqlanywhere_query($conn, "SELECT GivenName, Surname FROM Employees");
while( ($field = sqlanywhere_fetch_field( $result )) ) {
        echo " Field ID = $field->id \n";
        echo " Field name = $field->name \n";
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