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Returns a SOAP header entry, or an attribute value for a header entry of the SOAP request.

SOAP_HEADER( header-key [ index, header-attribute ] )
  • header-key   This VARCHAR parameter specifies the XML local name of the top level XML element for a given SOAP header entry.

  • index   This optional INTEGER parameter differentiates between SOAP header fields that have identical names. This can occur when multiple header entries have top level XML elements with the same localname. Usually, such elements have unique namespaces.

  • header-attribute   This optional VARCHAR parameter can be any attribute node within a header entry element, including:

    • @namespace   A special SQL Anywhere attribute used to access the namespace of the given header entry.

    • mustUnderstand   A SOAP 1.1 header entry attribute indicating whether a header entry is mandatory or optional for the recipient to process.

    • encodingStyle   A SOAP 1.1 header entry attribute indicating the encoding style. This attribute may be accessed, but it is not used internally by SQL Anywhere.

    • actor   A SOAP 1.1 header entry attribute indicating the intended recipient of a header entry by specifying the recipient's URL.




This function may be used with a single parameter header-key to return a header entry. A header entry is an XML string representation of an element, and all its sub-elements, contained within a SOAP header.

This function may also be used to extract a header entry attribute by specifying the optional index and header-attribute parameters.

This function returns the value of the named SOAP header field, or NULL if not called from a SOAP service. It is used when processing a SOAP request via a web service.

If a header for the given header-key does not exist, the return value is NULL.

See also
Standards and compatibility
  • SQL/2003   Vendor extension.