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sa_enable_auditing_type system procedure

Enables auditing and specifies which events to audit.

sa_enable_auditing_type( 'types ' )
  • types   Use this VARCHAR(128) parameter to specify a comma-delimited string containing one or more of the following values:

    • all   enables all types of auditing.

    • connect   enables auditing of both successful and failed connection attempts.

    • connectFailed   enables auditing of failed connection attempts.

    • DDL   enables auditing of DDL statements.

    • options   enables auditing of public options.

    • permission   enables auditing of permission checks, user checks, and SETUSER statements.

    • permissionDenied   enables auditing of failed permission and user checks.

    • triggers   enables auditing after a trigger event.


sa_enable_auditing_type works in conjunction with the PUBLIC.auditing option to enable auditing of specific types of information.

If you set the PUBLIC.auditing option to On, and do not specify which type of information to audit, the default setting (all) takes effect. In this case, all types of auditing information are recorded.

If you set the PUBLIC.auditing option to On, and disable all types of auditing using sa_disable_auditing_type, no auditing information is recorded. To re-establish auditing, you must use sa_enable_auditing_type to specify which type of information you want to audit.

If you set the PUBLIC.auditing option to Off, then no auditing information is recorded, regardless of the sa_enable_auditing_type setting.


DBA authority required

Side effects


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To enable only option auditing:

CALL sa_enable_auditing_type( 'options' );