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Adaptive Server Enterprise system procedures

The following list describes the Adaptive Server Enterprise system procedures that are provided in SQL Anywhere.

While these procedures perform the same functions as they do in Adaptive Server Enterprise and pre-Version 12 Adaptive Server IQ, they are not identical. If you have preexisting scripts that use these procedures, you may want to examine the procedures. To see the text of a stored procedure, you can open it in Sybase Central or, in Interactive SQL, run the following command.

sp_helptext 'dbo.procedure_name'

You may need to reset the width of your Interactive SQL output to see the full text, by choosing Tools » Options » SQL Anywhere » Truncate Length, and entering a new value.

System procedure name Description
sp_addgroup Adds a group to a database
sp_addlogin Adds a new login ID to a database
sp_addmessage Adds a user-defined message to ISYSUSERMESSAGE, for use by stored procedure PRINT and RAISERROR calls
sp_addtype Creates a user-defined data type
sp_adduser Adds a new user ID to a database
sp_changegroup Changes a user's group or adds a user to a group
sp_dropgroup Drops a group from a database
sp_droplogin Drops a login ID from a database
sp_dropmessage Drops a user-defined message
sp_droptype Drops a user-defined data type
sp_dropuser Drops a user ID from a database
sp_getmessage Retrieves a stored message string from ISYSUSERMESSAGE, for PRINT and RAISERROR statements.
sp_helptext Displays the text of a system procedure, trigger, or view
sp_password Adds or changes a password for a user ID